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Save Your Sanity Publishing Assistance

I started something new recently, as a result of helping a friend that was struggling to get their book published on Ingram Spark.

My poor friend had spent a month trying to sort through and fix a multitude of technical and formatting issues on her own. By the time she came to me, she was literally pulling her hair out.

I told her to leave with me and I would see what I could do. She did. I reached out my partner, Sabrina Raven, and we got to work.

Long story short, we reworked her files based on experience and know how, made a few bonus improvements based on industry standards, and 4 short days later, her book was live. No mess no fuss.

She has ordered print copies and is off and running with her sales sheet to local bookstores and is scheduling book signings and events all over town.

She and I had some lengthy discussions and she swears she will never try to “go it alone” again. She is coming directly to me with everything from now on!

This was the actual birth of Save Your Sanity Publishing Assistance. The practice of assisting authors with technical issues on KDP, other platforms, and answering questions people have brought to me in chats or via email has been going on for much much longer.

There was a method to my madness going self-published with the first book I ever published. I didnt do much in the way of marketing it because I really didnt expect it to go very far.

It was just a short little flash fiction piece I wrote, fluffed out a bit, hired a cover designer and an editor, then published. The intent was literally to use that book to learn the ins and outs of publishing and how to deal with glitches and what have you, prior to launching my debut novel, Death of a Secret. I wanted that book to be as smooth a process as possible.

Everything I learned, with 3 books launching before DoaS was mind boggling. Still, when the time came to launch DoaS, as completely prepared as I thought I was, I hit snags at every turn. I learned even more.

I’ve since published 11 different books, and I’ve published them all over the place. Many of the biggies, like Smashwords, WattPad, KDP, and Draft2Digital…and since opening Twisted Souls Press, I’m expanding that list to include LuLu and ReaderLink, among others.

I have a couple of things that many people don’t. The patience and sheer determination of a superhero, and now, experience. Lots of it!

I’ve written and published 11 books. I’ve published wide on my own with books on KDP (ebook and print), Draft2Digital (ebook and print), Smashwords (ebook), WattPad (ebook) and have studied the ins and outs of several other platforms, including Babelcube, Ingram Spark, and even Audible and Findaway Voices.

My friend needing help with Ingram Spark got me the actual experience dealing with them and their issues, but I was able to help because Ingram Spark has been an ultimate goal of mine since I first started writing books for publication. I’ve studied it for 4 years even though I haven’t published through it myself. That education has paid off.

I opened up Twisted Souls Press to assist authors with publishing by providing publishing services, like editing, cover design, and some marketing, and the actual publishing itself, to authors who don’t mind not being listed as the publisher.

A great many of the authors closest to me, however, are adamant about remining self-published. I don’t blame them. Going through a publishing house comes with its own stresses and headaches. Still, sometimes they rilun intonproblems and the only people that know the ropes inside out and backwards are publishers.

Not any more. With Save Your Sanity Publishing Assistance, authors can get the assistance they need with publishing and stay independently published. Its a win-win situation.

Save Your Sanity Publishing Assistance offers customized assistance based on what the individual author needs. Sure, we offer information on how to get through the most common issues with each of the platforms, but there are a lot of uncommon issues that arise that we can help with too.

Dont waste a month pull g your hair out trying to figure things out on your own. Save your sanity and come to us first!

You can find us on Facebook @Save YourSanityPA and schedule a free consult or you can email us at to request more information and a quote.

Hit us up and Save Your Sanity for the really hard part of being an author. Marketing.

Oh, but we can help a little with that too. From Keyword search and optimization using KDP Rocket to running ads on AMS, Google Ads, and Faceook. So, don’t be shy. Let us know what you need to get to your next goal!

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