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Author Adam Mitchell

What to say about Adam Mitchell, my counterpart across the pond? He’s pretty amazing. He gives so much for what I feel is really not nearly as much in return. He will truly go above and beyond for those he calls friend. I’m very fortunate to be counted among them.

He is an author, but it is only a piece of what he does. He’s fully responsible for the awesomeness that is the Christy Mann Author logo, a couple of book covers, and most of my teasers, banners. He’s always willing to see what he can do for others. It’s just one of the reasons I believe he deserves some spotlight!

I’m extremely proud of the work he does with and in support of authors with Dyslexia. He’s an advocate for ending stigmas that surround it and fights hard against it with his own work. We have had lengthy conversations and he’s convinced me to make some changes in my own works to help readers as well.

He’s also a new dad. Not for the first time, but he and his amazing wife just gave birth to a beautiful princess a couple of weeks ago. I’ll open up the comments so you all can help me congratulate them should you so choose. They have got their hands full, but he couldn’t be more proud or hard working.

I’m super excited about his upcoming release, Beer, Women, and the Written Word. I may or may not make a cameo so make sure you check it out!


You can find out more about Adam on his website. His books, info on supporting Dyslexia awareness, and more can be found on his website.

Comments are open if you’d like to congratulate him on the birth of his daughter or just want to know more.

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