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Author Joseph McGarry

Talk about a god-send. This man right here is a man after my own heart, with mermaids! He is a very kind and loving soul, always willing to help any way that he can. He’s a writer and a CPA, so I have no idea how he manages to do all the rest of it.

I can’t remember if we met during Nano or if we met via the Poe Release Party, but it’s irrelevant. We’ve grown together though apart tremendously since then. We worked together closely when I put together a focus group for the Power Series Program that I was working on many moons ago now.

He always showed up (virtually) though. He was ready to dig in, go through the processes, provide information, and help out any way that he could,. He’s been that way through every single endeavor. If I had a need, be it for information or a listening ear, he was willing.

We have ended up in so many of the same places at the same time over the last few years. We even just recently worked on the 42 & Beyond Space Opera Anthology together and I had no idea until it was released that he was also in it. His story is in Volume 2! So, you are definitely going to want to check that out.

His kindness and willingness to be helpful knows no bounds.

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