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Author Rachel A. Brune

If there is anyone that I’m more grateful for in a not writing related way, it’s this woman. I’ve told her this so many times I’m quite certain she’s tired of it already. She is an author, and a damn fine one, among so many things.

She’s got more stuff going on than even I can completely keep up with. It’s one of the reasons that I admire her. A husband and toddlers, a military career, going to school, writing and publishing books, and an active member in several aspects of the SCA. It blows my mind.

I have read one of her books called Cold Run. It’s part of a series and I got lucky and won a copy in a drawing she was holding. It was great! I read it in a day and a half and I literally could not put it down. That wasn’t how we met though. She was one of many authors in an anthology that I helped create and host a release festival for a few years back. I got involved because they needed the help and they support a great cause every year. I wanted to be a part of that and they welcomed me into the family with open arms. She’s contributed in some way to all of them. Did I mention she’s amazing!?!

She’s since interviewed me on her website when Death of a Secret was about to release. She donated books for my charity fundraiser auction (which I’m looking to do again in July!), and she was honored to be a part of this endeavor.

The thing I’m most grateful for, is her turning me on to the SCA. It’s been a game changer for me and I’m 100% excited about the 60% I’m aware of is possible with the SCA. I’ve only been in for a year, she’s been in for at least a few more than that.

The Society for Creative Anachronism is a volunteer organization focused on historically accurate (but safety 1st) lifestyles and reenactment. I can’t speak to what exactly it is for her on a personal level. We haven’t sat down and had that kind of talk, but she is involved in several aspects and it amazes me. She truly lives by “try all the things!” I wasn’t even truly aware of how many until she sent me a link to her website specifically for SCA. She truly goes above and beyond in every area of her life, and then she writes too.

I actually had to ask what her life goals/dreams were to be able to work out the next part. I can’t say that I was too surprised by her answers. She wants to complete a half Ironman Distance Triathalon and finish her last book Winter Run, in the series that Cold Run is a part of.

This is why Rachael amazes me and I admire her so much. I asked her how I and others could help her with either or both of those things. She said the Triathalon is on her. She likes that her success in that is on her shoulders. This is something I can definitely say is 100% Rachel A. Brune! I struggle to run when something awful is chasing me. She does it for fun!

As for the finishing the last book in the series, new readers picking up one or more books in the series and or leaving a review. They are a serious morale boost when she’s having a hard time with the work.

A last in series brings a whole new set of emotions and work that many of us, who haven’t finished writing a series, might not be aware of. It’s working toward an ending, quite often of something great, and the pain that comes with it can be compared to what a parent experiences the final days of high school for their last child. There is excitement and anticipation, but there is also a sadness that can be paralyzing. Getting through to the end of a final book in a series hurts.

It’s a real pain and it’s not easy to deal with. Words of encouragement via reviews and even just comments on a blog post or webpage, really do go a long way in helping an author push through that.

Reviews are an instant pick me up, especially when an author is struggling to put out the next book. Each one is like a personal cheer leader encouraging the author to push forward. We do the work for our readers and if readers aren’t letting us know they read it and they loved (or hated) it, we can get really discouraged.

As authors, most of us are aware that there can be issues that arise with leaving reviews with some online retailers. Sometimes they are denied and sometimes they show up and then disappear later. It is supposed to be for our protection as authors against unscrupulous authors that try to pad their reviews to encourage sales. It happens. We see it all the time, but we also see a lot of authors with golden scruples get caught up in the sweep. It’s led to a lot fewer reviews showing up for authors. I can tell you first hand that it is extremely discouraging.

Rachel, you are truly so much of an inspiration to me. I follow you closely, albeit mostly in silence. I’m trying to do better about sharing and encouraging others. There are so many and I get overwhelmed a lot of the time. I don’t give up though and I’m extremely proud of myself when I accomplish half of what you do in a day. You set the bar high, and when I look at my inspiration poster that says, “Today, be more of a badass than you were yesterday” I picture you, because from my perspective, it is exactly what you do. You are a badass! I am proud of you and tremendously excited for you.

So, here is what I want to do. You know that I’m all about helping authors out and giving back in as big a way as I can. Rachel’s goals and dreams are in the moment. Win the race and finish this series with Winter Run. The race itself is on her, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t support and send her words of encouragement all along the way. She’s training for it now.

I’m opening up the comments here and I want you guys to cheer Rachel on. I want words of encouragement to flood in. I want you to tell her how her doing the race encourages you. I want you to tell her that you are picking up her books and can’t wait until Winter Run comes out so you can pick it up too. I want her to be able to come back here when she’s hit a rough spot and be encouraged by you guys to keep pushing. You can even post reviews to all of her books here.

She deserves it! She’s earned it. She’s doing the hard work to make her successes for herself. We can get behind her and encourage her through every bit of it.

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My readers, you can follow Rachel’s blog Infamous Scribbler and find out more about her there. You can also check out her SCA Website, Teresa of Attillium and see all the cool stuff that she is involved in and working toward there. 

Be inspired. I’m hard pressed to find anyone that works harder and accomplishes more than she does.  Don’t forget to send her love and encouragement in the comments!

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