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Author Spotlights

Have you ever watched the show Returning the Favor? It’s the “Dirty Jobs” guy, Mike Rowe, and he goes out into communities and finds extraordinary people doing extraordinary things to help their communities. Then he gives them a surprise boost.

He meets them, he watches them in action, and then he figures out how he can help them. Then he goes big. He surprises them with an upgrade to their system. He’s rebuilt spaces, donated large sums of money to their programs, made purchases they really needed and helped them out in some really significant ways.

These are common and ordinary people going above and beyond to help and support their people. They work hard to improve the world around them with the little bit that they have and it really makes a difference. They do it because they know the world and their people need it. They aren’t in it for the fame and the fortune, they do it for the opportunity to help someone else.

Authors are these people. The genuine ones at least. There are a ton out there that are only interested in making money and becoming famous, but they soon learn that it doesn’t work that way here. They fade in time.

Those that don’t go on to do great things above and beyond writing. We don’t see that though. Very few of us get glimpses beyond the stories to see the kinds of things these great people do behind the scenes. Their helpfulness to others. Their kindness. The ways they are changing their small corners of the world, a little bit at a time.

These are the things I want to shine a light on for these authors. They don’t do it themselves. It feels…icky somehow, like gloating or bragging, so they don’t mention it. This is what I think is really the most important stuff though. Seeing the way that they help and take care of others, what drives them, and the creative ways they come up with to make a difference in the lives around them.

So, without further ado, I bring you authors that deserve your love and attention.

Kelly Blanchard

Rachel A. Brune

Alana K. Haase

Adam C. Mitchell

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