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Horror House Chat Server

I’ve been sitting on a Discord account for a long time now. I wasn’t exactly sure how I was going to use it, but I’m figuring it out. I’ve got multiple channels set up already and plan to have a few others as time goes on. The links are instant invite codes to each channel so you click it and you are in if you have a Discord account. If you don’t, you will be given the option to create one. Pop in to one that looks interesting to you and say hello!

CMA’s Horror House is my Discord Server. You can see all the channels available here. . I’ve set it up with several channels for discussing different things. I’ve added invite codes to each of the channels with a brief overview of what you will find in each one and a synopsis of the rules you should know before entering.

CMAHH General Chat-This channel is the getting to know everyone space. I want it to be a welcoming and inviting place where readers and fans can all gather and chat among themselves without needing much intervention from me. . It’s where I’ll be making announcements, like games, events, contests and giveaways, and where everyone is welcome to share their achievements and be celebrated by a group.

CMA Horror House– This is the actual horror house. If it scares you, you will likely find it in here. That is my hope anyway. Nothing horrific is off limits. You will have to manage yourself when you enter here. If a topic offends you or you are triggered by certain topics, you have two choices. Leave the chat room or scroll on to the next story. It’s a horror house. It is supposed to scare you, stir up bad feelings, and make you cringe.

It’s a safe space for writers of horror. They can post the most horrific stories they can conjure up and not be ridiculed, judged, or hated on. It’s not meant to cater to the reader in any way, shape, or form. I’ve got several stories that I myself am looking forward to terrorizing you guys with! Enter at your own risk.

Death of a Secret Discussion– This is for discussing my novel Death of a Secret. ***Spoiler Alert*** This is a fan space, so there will be spoilers. I highly recommend you not enter this chat until you have read the book all the way through. If you opt to enter before that, you were warned that there would be spoilers. You can’t get mad when you find out that Latham gets killed and Sarah didn’t do it.

Fogoyle Discussion– This is for discussing my Fogoyle Series. ***Spoiler Alert*** This is a fan space and again, there will be spoilers. Do not joint this chat if you haven’t read all of the books and don’t want the plots or endings spoiled for you. If you would rather not read the books and still know what happens, then you are welcome. I just don’t want to be reported to when someone exposes the fact that everyone in book 4 dies.

Terrible Friend Discussion– Do I need to repeat the spoiler alert? You will figure out what happens in the book and get a lot of the plot line for the next book when you enter this chat. If you don’t like or don’t want spoilers don’t come in here.

Lyn LaStorm Discussion– This chat comes with a different warning. It is NSFW. Lyn LaStorm is my Pen Name for my Dark Erotica Short Stories. They will be openly discussed here. The same rules that you will find with the Horror House chat, anything goes. You will find topics here that might offend you. Stop reading and leave the discussion if someone says something that offends you. Dark erotica means ugly sexual subjects, deviance, and debauchery. It will all be discussed freely and without judgement or trolling here.

Welcome to my chat server. I’ll be in and out of each of the channels as often as I can be and still function but I’m opting not to moderate except in the most necessary cases, and if that arises, I’ll simply remove everyone involved. Please respect my home and behave amicably so I don’t have to kick anyone out.