Professionalism for Writers Pillar 1 Reputation

Welcome to Professionalism for Writers Pillar 1.  In this collection of lessons I’ll be discussing reputation  as a fundamental building block of professionalism.  I’ll take you through the process of building the reputation that you want as opposed to getting a reputation made for you.  Maintenance with time frames and brief coverage of exceptions. And finally, what do do step by step, when you discover your reputation gets dinged up or goes off track.

There is a 15 question test at the end.  It is included in the cost of the program, and the course on it’s own.  A passing grade on the test is 75%, however, retakes are free with a 5% score reduction.  The objective of the test is purely to cement the information presented in the course into the students thinking, so retakes to reach 95% will indicate a strong understanding of the material and is highly recommended.

There is a link to a discussion chat room at the end of each lesson.  This is provided to encourage students to ask questions and receive direct feedback and additional information that might not be included in the course but valid and necessary.

The chat will be open around the clock but the instructor may only respond to questions during set periods of time per day. Please allow a 24 hour response time with answers to your questions.

Pillar 1- Reputation
Pillar 1 Reputation- Building a Solid Foundation
Pillar 1 Reputation- Maintenance
Pillar 1 Reputation- Repair and Rebuild

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