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Welcome to my free workshop on Building Your Author Platform. It is my hope that you find the information uplifting and inspirational as well as informative and helpful.

I sent out a message asking fans, followers, and readers to give me topics they would like to see and attend workshops for.  This was a good one, so I’m running with it.

Author Platforms.  The first time I heard that this was something I would need to build to become a successful author, I had no idea what it meant.  I searched for information just to figure out what a platform for an author actually was so I could figure out how to build one. I saw a lot of explanations of “It’s everything” but not a single place explained what one actually was.

Fast forward a few years and now I have built one, but coming up with a single sentence to describe it, I now know why “It’s Everything!” was the best explanation I could get.  There is no better way to describe it in just a few words.

It’s the methods you use to write, publish, and sell books, but it’s also the themes, tactics, and methods that you use to do it.  It becomes your brand, what you are known for, and how people find you.

It’s tough.  There are a million different methods and 10 million (at least) different ways that you can use them.  None of them work for everyone and all of them work for someone, but there are no 2 platforms that are exactly the same.

This means that, I can sit here and tell you all of the things I’ve done that have worked, and haven’t worked, for me and you could apply them, and they could work or not work perfectly for you. The best thing that I can tell you is to try them all, pick the 12 that work for you and get you where you want to be, and keep doing them.

I’m going to go a little deeper and discuss a couple of things that I know some of you are really interested in learning about though. Specifically, social media and newsletters. I don’t have the same take on them that you will find anywhere else on the internet.

My bottom line is always about connecting with customers, first. If I can’t connect with them, I can’t sell them on the next thing I offer.  Self-publishing my books the way that I do, I lose out on a lot of opportunities to do that because Amazon is who has direct access to my customers. They don’t share that information with me.

That is how it goes and it is what makes building an author platform so vitally important. You are basically creating the largest possible way for readers that buy your books from Amazon or elsewhere that you don’t have direct access to, can find and reach out to you.

You will hear the most loudly that social media and newsletters are the best way.  I believe that they are and they aren’t.  I had no idea what the hell I was doing when I started this journey. I just wanted to write and sell books for a living. I jumped on the internet and waded through all the shouting. Those were literally the two things I heard the loudest. So, I did them.

I still have a ton to learn, but I’ve come along way from where many of you are. I can help you on the path.  I have to warn you though. I don’t do things in traditional or really normal ways. I do better learning things the hard way. I have to know how something works, not just that it does.

I take that kind of approach to the lessons I share with you too. When you know why something works or doesn’t work, you can see parts of the system that you might be able to modify or recreate so that it works for you. It’s a lot of mindset work really. I don’t want you to buy into the hype, invest hours and hours of hard work in something you didn’t see the point in in the first place but saw a successful author say it works, and release to the sound of crickets. It happens and no other author can prevent it.

I’m more interested in helping alleviate some of the stress that comes from writing for a living by having a bunch of preset expectations that are not going to play out the way you hope they are. You will see that theme throughout my workshops and courses.

On that note, the next two lessons go over using social media and newsletters to build out your author platform.

Happy Writing ♥

Building Your Author Platform- Social Media
Building Your Author Platform- Newsletters
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