Workshop- Slaying the Virgin Draft Dragon aka. Editing

Welcome to my workshop, Slaying the Virgin Draft Dragon aka. Editing.  Besides marketing, this is probably the hardest process a writer has to go through. I can easily compare it to slaying a dragon. A friend of mine suggested a workshop on editing, and put it to me exactly this way, so I’m using it as the title.  I think it’s fitting.

Editing is a huge process and there is nothing painless about it.  There is nothing painless about slaying a dragon either.  Even the toughest of knights will walk away with scars, even if they are only deep emotional ones. Dragons are beautiful and amazing creatures, and while slaying one must be done, it isn’t easy to do.  Editing is very similar.

You take a thing of beauty and hack and slash at it until it’s unrecognizable. The difference is, with edits, the dragon becomes cleaner, sharper, and more beautiful than it was originally.  Not so much with an actual dragon.

This workshop is designed to help make slaying the Virgin Draft Dragon a little easier.  It will involve changing mindsets, modifying expectations, and a short discussion on the debate of professional vs. self-editing.  I’ll include a short list of do’s and don’ts when sending your work to a professional, and discuss writing from a reader’s perspective.

Editing is a huge subject and I’d be presenting a workshop for days to cover half of them.  There are tips and tricks, hacks, apps, and all kinds of stuff.  I’ll be creating more workshops on this subject as time goes on, so don’t hesitate to shoot me some suggestions for which part of editing you would like to see more of.

First up, changing mindsets and modifying expectations.

Happy Writing ♥

Slaying the Virgin Draft Dragon- Changing Mindsets by Modifying Expectations
The Professional Edits vs. Self-Edits Debate
Writing From a Reader’s Perspective
Do’s and Don’t’s for Professional Edits
Slaying the Virgin Draft Dragon Quiz
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