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Legal Shield/Identity Shield

All business owners, big and small, need legal assistance from time to time. It’s just part of the ownership deal. From how to set up your business legally, to contract review, to conflict resolution, things come up that will serve you well getting it looked at by a legal eye.

I write and publish books for a living, and I write and manage contracts and agreements behind the scenes frequently with my publishing company, managing my team, and bringing in and releasing other authors . I recently ran into a situation that fortunately, I didn’t need to proceed legally, but out of concern that I might need to, I took the time to search for a business related attorney.

Now, I knew that legal costs would be hefty if it came down to it needing one to represent me in a legal action, but I was still unpleasantly surprised by the cost to have an attorney just look at a 3 page document and tell me if the terms were legal or not. Then I found LegalShield.

I took some law classes in college and maintained a 4.0 through most of it in college. I really excelled at contract law, so I know my way around a contract. However, I am no lawyer and things being different in different places, and doing business in many different places, I know the benefit of having someone to keep an eye on things, catch things I might not, and keep me out of legal trouble in the first place.

That alone makes Legal Shield priceless in my book. I have that someone, on standby, 24/7, and I don’t have to pay them thousands of dollars an hour, up front, just to get something looked at or run a scenario by. My membership gives me access to a legal team that is happy to answer questions, and take me on as a client without the long search for just the right kind of attorney, an intake process, and a high retainer fee.

As an author, writing books to sell, you are a business owner. Whether you plan on building a best-selling book empire out of it or not. When someone else has a copy of your book and is selling it without your permission, you want someone to look at it and tell you if you should worry about it or not. From CMDA Notices, copyright infringements and fair use rules, on everything from the manuscript to cover images and design, licensing agreements, and even just figuring out if Amazon can do that or not, with LegalShield, you can ask those questions and get straight forward and legal answers to the tough questions and know exactly how to proceed, and so much more!

Do you have an attorney on your side already? If yes, great! Crunch some numbers and see if you are paying too much for their service, then give LegalShield a try.

If not, get in touch with my buddy Paul Archuleta to get signed up today. Give him this code LSISPA001 and tell him Christy “the author” sent you. He will hook you right up and let me know you said hi when we talk later on in the week! Don’t forget to give him the code. It helps us keep track of who found him through me and I make a little bank on the back end.

Legal Identity, I don’t think I even need to get into why you need this service. You have embarked on a journey to become rich and famous, even if it takes years to get there. Do you really want someone else to be able to steal your identity and ruin your credit, reputation, or buyability into other streams because you weren’t checking it and assumed people would never do that?

If you don’t do the LegalShield today, at least do the Legal Identity plan to protect yourself and your assets from fraud. Start right now! Don’t wait until someone has already taken your credit card number for a joy ride. You can thank me later!

Go, get in touch with Paul. Right now! 505-319-1135

Oh, and don’t forget to ask him about the business opportunity! When you gotta pay for ads, you want all the income you can get. Talk to him about it!