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Save Your Sanity Publishing Assistance

Are you struggling to get your book published because of glitches, hiccups, or file compatibility or formatting issues? Save Your Sanity Publishing Assistance is here to help.

We offer everything from verbal and written recommendations for how to get to the next step in the process all the way to helping build and work marketing strategies.

Go from this…

To This!

We can help!

Click Start Here, or…Check us out on Facebook and hit the Book Now button to schedule a free consultation appointment and lets see how we can help get you to published!


If you know you want to just get started, you can jump right in and we can get started right away with one of our 3 service level options!

Level 1- 100% DIY Chat Issue Resolution-$100 per hour per platform.

  • One hour minimum. We discuss the issue and walk-you through as you fix it. This is the most costly rate as most issues take a minimum of 3-4 hours to fix via chat. We are happy to walk you through, and have this level as an option but it is recommended more for follow up issues and as a back up for our Level 2 service,

Level 2- Almost Done For You- $200 per platform. Pay Now!

  • You send us your files. We go through them and find issues that need to be fixed based on your platform issues. We fix the issues and send them back to you. You upload the files and hit submit.

Level 3-Done For You Service- $300 per platform.

  • You send us your files and your access information. We go through the files, fix any issues, upload the documents and notify you when we are done. You wait for the email notifying you that your book is live.