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Terrible Friend

Terrible Friend is probably my favorite of all the stories I’ve written so far. It is a mixed genre story. It was really difficult for me to categorize it because there are pieces of horror, psychological thriller, suspense, and action all rolled together. I settled on Occult and Action-Adventure. If you don’t think it fits, or have a suggestion that you think will fit it better, do let me know. 🙂

Terrible Friend Ebook Cover

Albert and Jax are very personal to me. I can’t explain why or how. I can only say that I know them. I’ve seen their story, and “know” them better than I know any of my other characters. I hope that you get to know them and love them too.

It’s available digitally everywhere and in paperback via the Bookstore and Swag Shop. You can even order it as a Signed Copy!