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Big Things Are Happening!!!

Big things are happening here at Christy Mann Author!!! I’m excited to share the news with you guys.

First, some updates.

I took a little hiatus from publishing any books while I got some other projects worked on. Now that they are mostly complete, publishing in my usual genre should be back on track shortly. I was going to take the break until June, but I’m slipping out of the natural algorithm for book rankings and it’s hurting organic sales, so I have to publish again soon or have to start all over. I’ll update the Coming Soon page tomorrow to reflect the new and upcoming publishing schedule. Be ready, I’m going to be playing catch up and have like 3 books ready to launch.

Now, on to the big news. If you have been following my author page on Facebook, you have been hearing some stuff about Writer’s Workshops. I’m happy to announce that 4 of them are live and ready to go at this very moment. I have one more to finish up and that should be live tomorrow. It’s called Slaying the Virgin Draft Dragon (Thank you very much Andrew D. Michaels forinspiring the amazing title!) and it’s all about editing. You don’t want to miss it!

The other 4 that are live right now cover the topics of Writer’s Block, Marketing, Building Your Author Platform, and Reputation. They are paid workshops. I couldn’t get around creating them free and not completely lose my ass financially even for a short time, so, I apologize to everyone that I promised free workshops, I just can’t pull them off.

However, I’m cutting a deal for the first 30 people who sign up and go through the workshops. Their regular price is going to be $40 each. If you are one of the first 30 people to buy them, you will get them for $10 a piece.

There is a caveat. If you get the $10 price, I want testimonials and reviews as part of the deal. You can email them to me at, leave them on the sales page (that would be the best), or you can leave them on my author page on Facebook (that shares out automatically to Twitter and Instagram).

I’m asking for honest feedback, so good and bad is acceptable. If you didn’t like them, I would like to know why and how you feel I could improve them. I want to provide the best information possible and have it be on topics that you guys want and need.

I also ask that you not leave feedback about the workshops in general in the comments of the workshops. I want that space open for questions and interaction about the workshops themselves. Please use the ways I mentioned above to send things like comments in general, suggestions for improvement, new topics to consider, and reviews to me directly.

And, finally. I’ve added a local events calendar to the menu! I’ve actually started getting out and about more and found a lovely Irish Pub here that hosts some great events that I can really get behind, if not be involved in directly. I’ll share those events there with as much notice as I can give. With the weather improving, I’m likely to even do some traveling here soon. I could pop up anywhere, but it will be on the calendar, so be sure to keep an eye on it!

I think that is all I’ve got to update and make announcements on for now.

Stay tuned!!!

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