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My Story

Photo courtesy of Alana Haase 2018

I’m Christy Mann. The author.

This is my story

The Spark

The journey of my authorship began with that serendipitous moment in a checkout line 34 years ago, clutching the first novel I bought for myself at age 13. I’d been asked repeatedly since the first grade what I wanted to be when I grew up. I’d throw out things I thought sounded good, like a veterinarian or a paralegal, but none of them really appealed to me.

Standing there in that line, I imagined for a moment someone else purchasing a book with my name on it. An electric thought surged through me, igniting a passion within. Despite lacking support from those around me—my mom, teachers, and peers—who emphasized the importance of a lucrative career and being a writer at that time not being one, I knew that writing was my calling anyway.

I ventured into various industries, attending classes, getting certificates, paying the bills, and attempting to appease the various societal norms, but misery clung to me because all I wanted to do was write.

Along the way, I acquired valuable skills that I now appreciate, as they paved the way for my current life as a writing and publishing entrepreneur. Nevertheless, those 28 years before I published my first book were laden with dissatisfaction, except for one aspect—I discovered my innate love for helping people. Regardless of the industry I was in, I thrived in customer service and retention roles, willingly enduring even the most arduous jobs because of my passion for assisting others.

The Result

Over the past 34 years, my dedication to writing bore fruit as I proudly published 4 of my own books after that first one in 2016, have written 7 more, and have collaborated on several projects with fellow authors. As my author business flourished, I realized the potential it hop over to these guyswebsitebest replica watch site held for nurturing aspiring writers in achieving their dreams. This realization led me to establish a publishing company with an online bookstore that prioritizes empowering authors, something that has never been the industry’s strong suit, giving them the support they deserve. Additionally, I bought and rebuilt a vibrant media platform where we celebrate and showcase the talents of diverse creatives from all walks of life.

Writing to Live Happy

Presently, my writing serves two vital purposes in my life. Firstly, it allows me to process dark emotions by crafting storylines with resolutions I can control, thus liberating me from emotional burdens. Secondly, and more importantly, it empowers me to extend a helping hand to others. Every aspect of my work is driven by a desire to aid those who reach out directly or stumble upon my online endeavors. Witnessing the positive impact of my writing on people’s lives fills me with profound happiness and contentment, even during challenging times.

As I continue to live life on my own terms, leveraging the power of writing to make a difference, I extend an open invitation to you. Follow me on my website, on social media platforms, and wherever else you find me. Together, let’s explore the possibilities of how my words and actions might offer guidance, inspiration, or a helping hand in your own life. After all, we never truly know how a simple connection can spark profound change.

Welcome to my world!