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Thanks to the generosity of my readers, like you, I’ve achieved significant milestones in my writing career. Your support through book sales has been instrumental in establishing Twisted Souls Press LLC, a hybrid book publisher dedicated to legitimizing and making authorship a lucrative career path. Additionally, it has enabled me to acquire Metaphysical Times LLC and expand it into a platform that provides creatives with unique and affordable methods for promoting and marketing their work.

By investing in my books, readers aren’t merely purchasing a story; they’re providing me with the resources necessary to continue writing and supporting other creatives in achieving their lifelong dreams of becoming writers.

I firmly believe in the principle of paying it forward, and my daily life is a testament to that belief. Alongside my writing and publishing endeavors, I dedicate myself to assisting others with health issues, life skill deficits, and various other areas. Your support affords me the freedom and flexibility to be hands-on and physically available to them, offering assistance where it’s needed most.

Don’t wait any longer. Start your adventure today by adding these thrilling reads to your collection. Your support not only fuels my passion for writing but also enables me to continue creating stories that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Plus, with every purchase, you’re not just enjoying a captivating tale—you’re also contributing to the support and assistance I provide to others in need. Together, let’s embark on a thrilling literary adventure—one book at a time.

The Totem of Talons Series – Horror

Death of a Secret – Psychological Thriller

Terrible Friend – Paranormal Suspense Pagan Fiction

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