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Buying my books doesn’t just line my pockets. It pays bills so I can live life on my terms, sure, but it goes beyond that. It opens up opportunities for me to help others.

I believe in paying it forward and helping when I have it, not just when I can afford it. I’d never be able to afford it otherwise. There will always be more things that I need. More book covers, more books that need edits, more groceries, more travel money, more whatever. That increases as I make more money. I had to start giving when I had it if I was going to be able to give at all. That became really important to me.

When you buy one of my books, you are buying at least 3 months of hard work just in the writing and editing process of that book, but you are also contributing to a homeless person’s next meal or a new coat for a child freezing at a bus stop. When I have it and I see a need for something, I don’t hesitate to give it. It comes back to me in more ways than I can count.

There are several books in a few genres to choose from because I understand not every genre appeals to everyone. It will grow a lot in 2019 with new books set to release by the end of the year. Pick your favorite and read on!

The Totem of Talons Series – Horror

Death of a Secret – Psychological Thriller

Book Release Announcements/Coming Soon!