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39966890_10215070541455878_4218004381158604800_nIt’s been a long time dream of mine to create a school specifically for writers. That dream is finally off to a good start with a free but tremendously helpful survey, 5 workshops and 3 online courses. I really can’t be more excited!

I live by the do the best you can, until you know better. Then do better, saying you see there. I’ve taken the last 4 years to learn as much as I can about writing, publishing, and marketing a book. I’m doing better, but I’ll be the first to admit that I still have a long way to go. I know enough to pull some amazing stuff together and share it with you here.

In my pre-writer life, I was in customer service. I did everything from food service all the way up to office assistant to two CEO’s and over the road truck driving. Customer service and good customer relations were essential in all of them. I excelled at it because I was a stickler for it. It wasn’t a blanket “the customer is always right kind of thing. It was an “I’m going to do whatever it takes to make sure even the bad customers come back again and again.” Customers, the good and the bad, are what make a business a business. Without them, you have nothing.

It’s the same but also completely different in the writing world. There isn’t a whole lot of direct customer contact early on, so a great reputation that precedes you is necessary. Once a reader becomes a fan, you get to shine, but you have to know how to keep them coming back for more themselves and share you with others. I created this free Reputation Survey to help get you started.

That is what I aim to do with these workshops, courses and programs. Help you become the best professional writer you possibly can be. It will likely require some mindset changes, some deep exploration of your thoughts, attitudes, and expectations and modifying them to create the greatest level of professionalism for your readers. They deserve and expect nothing less.

I’ve set things up so that you can take the workshops individually based on the topic that you might need guidance in when you need them. The online courses are combined into a program that provides savings over buying the courses individually, but they are still available one course at a time. You can check the Workshops and Course List page for the order you should take them in.

It’s going to take work. You have to do the exercises, participate in the activities, leave comments for feedback, and be committed to providing a level of service to your customers that is top notch in order for what I teach to serve you. When you do, it will serve you very well.

Welcome aboard!

♥ Christy

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