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Death of a Secret

Death of a Secret is an autobiography of sorts.  It is a work of fiction as everything in it is completely made up, but the emotional roller coaster that it is speaks volumes.  It’s been a roller coaster ride just to get it out into the world so you can bet your ass that I’m extremely proud of this one.  This, if I never publish anything else ever again (don’t worry, I will), is the one that matters the most to me.    I really hope that you enjoy it!

Sarah Rosenthal is a Senator’s daughter. Despite the high- profile lifestyle that comes with her father’s political career, she has managed to avoid most of the chaos. 
On the surface, things seem perfect, but perfection never lasts. 
When a stranger comes knocking, blackmail in mind, Latham Buchanan steps in to clean up the mess and Sarah’s life takes a dark turn. Her intention to end the madness may just be the end of her.