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Finding Myself = Change in the Industry

So, this is unexpected. I’m spending part of the day today trying to find myself. Literally. I’m building a list of all the places my books can be found online so I can see which ones I need to target and ask to carry it and track down pirates I’m kind of blown away.

I’ve always thought the big chains like Barnes & Noble and Books A Million were going to be pretty difficult to get into as an independent author. In my mind, they were the final boss, if you will. Publishers were their henchmen. They still are in a way. Shelf space is still the ultimate goal, so they are still the final boss, but I’ve managed to get through or around their henchmen at this point.

This is a pretty big deal in the author world. It’s a huge sign that things are really changing within the industry. Until recently, it was unheard of for Independent Authors to be carried by any of the big chain bookstores without knowing someone or spending a lot of time pounding the pavement with a huge stack of your own books in tow. There were hoops to jump through like applications, letters of request, and proof of demand, were required, and even then, stores were iffy on it.

It was like a country club reserved for the elite authors that were backed by publishers, and almost always only by big names. Publishers gave credibility and assurances that an independent author just didn’t have, so they were turned away. Enter Print on Demand and DropShipping, or greatly reduced risk of profit loss. Plot Twist! Now Independent Authors can get in too! It’s leveled the playing field. I can now more easily compete with traditionally published authors because I’m available the same places that they are. This is a HUGE DEAL!!!

I write this less as a point of pride for myself (I’m proud as hell but not trying to brag) but as encouragement. I know a great number of people have said that they have always wanted to be writers but heard it was nearly impossible to get anywhere within. It’s not anymore. It’s a lot of work, can be costly, and requires hell bent desire to learn and determination, but it’s not impossible . It is a lot of trial and error, even when you know what you are doing. Get okay with that and go for it!

Do it!!! I’ll cheer for you every step of the way and help out along the way if you need it.

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