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The Totem of Talons Series

formerly known as the Fogoyle Series. Same Stories, new looks. The videos and images still apply!!!

The ​Totem of Talons Series is a growing collection of stories guaranteed to scare your pants off. It may not even be while you are reading it, but believe me when I say,  your next encounter with fog will have you chatting with your therapist about a newly developed phobia, as if it wasn’t one already.  

Morning Mist kicks this series off with a roller coaster ride of intense anxiety followed by a brutal let down, only to catch you completely off guard at the end.

Teaser Credit to Sunshine Robert

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Once you have read just one of the stories in the series, I know I’ll be hearing from you again. I created a Fan Page just for sharing things like art, photos, and messages that I receive from fans. Usually after their first encounter with fog after reading just one book. You can check them out and add your own through the Twisted Souls Fan Page on Facebook.

Last Stop puts you in the driver’s seat and doesn’t let you out, no matter how loud you scream! Fog is definitely not supposed to move like that! 

Fogoyle 2 Teaser image
Teaser Credit to Sunshine Roberts

Blood Runs Blue brightens things up a bit but ends up eating you alive at an unassuming venue with no way of escape! 

Fogoyle 3 Teaser image
Teaser Credit to Sunshine Roberts

Birds of a Feather is the meat and potatoes of the whole shebang!  An exploration that brings everything together and opens up so much more! ​Coming Soon!!!

​I’ve never enjoyed being out and about in foggy weather.  The dampness of the air and how it sticks to you like a warm, wet hug. The lack of visibility sets my nerves ablaze, and oh my god the way it rearranges everything around you!  

​ Fog is creepy just as it is. Imagine if there was a legitimate reason to fear it? Now there is! 

With Christmas Eve Chaos , the story continues. It’s the start of a whole new series almost. After The Beginning, things start happening all over the place. This is the first of those things.

Coming Soon!!!!

Cornered by Convenience is coming for you! There’s some damage done this time. You don’t want to miss it!!!