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Mindset changes aren’t easy. Make them anyway.

The struggle to change a mindset comes from the way we see things in life. We don’t live life on our terms because we see more negative comments and outward reactions to the people that do. It’s awful. It diminishes our desire to want to. It’s no wonder so few people actually do it.

As an example, I came across a post today that was a rant about billionaires. They believe there shouldn’t be any because no one should be sitting on a hoard of money like that when there are people that are starving, homeless, and without clean water. They aren’t doing enough to fix the world’s problems.

No one wants someone else telling them what they should do with their money. I don’t care who you are or what part of the wealth scale you’re at. We, as a society, seem to think it is okay to do to the wealthy, though. I don’t want that. Who would?

It made me question my own desire to be wealthy. I want to write and sell books and merchandise, but I want to use what I make to give people the tools and money they need to build their life on their terms. I want to do it because when I have the means, I’m able to do things that help make other people be happy, which makes them want to help make other people happy. I want to do it on a massive scale. By massive, I mean spending $20k a month to pay people’s bills for 3-6 months at a time, is my starting goal. That is only helping 3-4 people a month get started.

I would like to not live in a run down mobile home and drive a vehicle that doesn’t have 190,000 miles on it and is in constant need of repair, eat when I’m hungry, and not have to choose between paying my electric bill or buying medications, every month, for the effort. I’m not going to end world hunger and homelessness all by myself, though, so it’s not good enough. I slunk off into a hole and rethink my plan.

I found this article and think it’s worth sharing. Maybe it will help someone slunk in their hole rethinking their plan come out of that hole and stand proudly. It isn’t you that isn’t good enough. It’s the opinion of the masses that isn’t good enough, and an opinion can be changed. It starts with changing your mindset.

Wealth is a choice. More people aren’t wealthy because while they could do something different if they wanted to, the work, sacrifice, and length of time that it takes to become wealthy is too much for them. They can get what they want right now with minimal effort, struggle, or risk of hard times. That is great if that is what makes them happy.

It isn’t for you. You live and breathe the hard work and the struggle, and you accept that the risk of hard times rests fully on you. You handle it and do it anyway. Be proud and stand up for that. You’ve earned it, and the wealth you seek will find you!

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