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Writing Services

I’m adding writing services to my offerings to help make ends meet. I can offer editing and proofreading, content and ghost writing, plus mentoring and coaching services.

I published my first book in November 2016. I did freelance content writing for a year prior to my first book publication. I write and edit from a reader’s perspective (not an English Teacher’s) and use tools like the Hemingway Editing App to provide the cleanest drafts possible.

My written works have received mostly 4 and 5 star ratings. There have been a few 3 star ratings where the complaint was that they didn’t get enough of the story, not that the writing itself was bad or pointing out errors. I’ve not received a rating of 1 or 2 stars to date even though I’ve written and published 11 books, 13+ articles, and ghost written multiple pieces for other writers.

I attribute this to my desire to only put the best work possible out into the world, out of respect for the people that will be reading them. I make suggestions for edits with kindness and respect for the hard work the author has put into their project, and I’m committed to making clients want to use my services over and over again.

I’m still working on full pages with more detail for each of the services I offer. Until those are ready, here is a breakdown of what I do and how much each the services cost.

Pricing Breakdown for Services

Mentoring Services – ($200/week) I walk you through processes step by step on my projects with me to learn through first hand experience. My brand takes the loss if the idea or project doesn’t work out or pay off, and you apply what you learn from the process to your own brand without the trial and errors.

Coaching Services– ($100/week). I talk you through your processes and projects step by step as you work on building your own brand. You learn from your own trials and errors but I help you avoid as many of them as possible.

Edits– $40 per 2500 words using track changes and comments. I can flat rate projects based on page count as well.

Proofreading Service – $20 per 2500 words. I make notes and suggestions for changes, and you can apply these notes to your manuscript.

$40 per 2500 words. I make notes, and make changes in the document while tracking changes, and you click resolve. I can send the proofed manuscript back to you. 72 hour turn around time per 2500 words.

Ghost /Content Writing Service– $40 per 2,500 words. Scenes, articles, blog posts etc. 72 hour turn around time per 2,500 words.
Full books or stories $70-$150+ per project (1st draft). Turn around times will vary.

If you are in need of writing services, shoot me a message with the button below and let me know how I can help.




Adam Mitchell