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The Last Day of Life As We Know it.

My heart is completely broken today. Today is the last day of life as we know it.

Theft has now become tolerated and applauded by the masses, if it is in solid support of a single cause. I saw it in a post on social media. And now, I wait for the mass chaos, the loss of lives, and the worst of my own nightmares to come true.

In a time now long past it seems, we were a society of people that built a system that severely punished people for stealing. Taking things that do not belong to you was a violation of the highest degree. You could lose a limb or even be put to death for simply taking a loaf of bread to eat or feed your family, if it didnt belong to you.

In more recent times, we still punish people for it, but less severely, and it was supposed to be in much less barbaric and brutal ways than in old times. Paying actually meant giving money to replace the stolen item as well as spending some time in a cell as punishment for the behavior.

Today, I watched that change completely right before my very eyes. Society declaring theft and destruction of property “ok” if it is for a single, solid cause.

Looting. Theft in the process of protest.

We created this system we live in today. We are upset and angry with a government that is failing us, after giving them the control to fail us in the first place. Like children demanding eggs for breakfast, hetting what we wanted, but not wanting eggs after all. Throwing them on the floor and screaming at the top of our lungs until we get something else we want.

We did it all for a single purpose. Convenience. We handed over the very smallest parts of our lives and paid extra in exchange for convenience. Someone else to do the hard shit for us.

We want to be able to sleep, eat, shit, and play freely and will pay just about anything to be able to do it.

40+ hours of time every week for 40 years for a nice house, a nice car, and some spending money. $3 for a $1 bottle of water, $6 for a $2 cup of coffee. A 20%-48% interest rate so we can have a toy we like.

We pay massive salaries to other people to handle the bigger stuff for us too. Things like crime, dispute settlement, even what we do with our children when a relationship breaks down. We don’t settle those things amongst ourselves any more. We pay someone else to do it for us.

Here we are now. In the middle of an economic crisis caused by people getting sick and dyimg all over the place.

We couldn’t survive 3 months at a pause because its inconvenient. We couldn’t stay home because we paid someone to provide a home to us to live in, food for us to eat, and to entertain us and if we don’t keep paying for those things, they go away.

That would mean going without, and there is no way in hell we as a society are going to do that.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t disagree with protesting. I believe people always have the right to say no, and they always have the right to change their minds. They have the right to stand and defend those rights too.

It isn’t the protesting that is the issue though. Its the looting and property damage that is. These two things are the very reason that the cops and the national guard even have to be at these things.

I’ve been to some hellacious concerts, where people were beligerantly drunk off their asses, the music was so loud you couldn’t hear yourself think. There were a handful of bouncers and security guards to escort the rabblerousers away so everyone else could enjoy the show. But not cops. Fully decked out in riot gear.

When the show was over, they said “thank you and goodnight” and everyone stumbled to their cars and drove away. They didnt set the place and cars on fire and they didn’t rob the store on the corner before, during, or after.

They packed into Denny’s and waited in long lines to get in, the talked amongst themselves while they enjoyed their meals, and paid for them when they were done.

An eclectic mix of people, numbering in the thousands, gathered for a single purpose, and no one had to call in the national guard. Granted, they weren’t there to protest, but they were there to share an expression of a single idea. “This band rocks!”

So is the anger the difference? Is that what makes this ok? People are mad at what has happened, they are throwing a tantrum until something changes?

‘I’m pissed about this so I am going to throw shit at cops, possibly hitting bystanders that are there for the same reason I am, flip over some cars and set them on fire, and then bust out the window of that store over there and pocket and grab as much shit out of there as I can.’ “Solidarity!!!!!”

I’ve been in relationships that looked a lot like this. They were called abusive by society. Here we are, as a society, encouraging people to be this way.

Well, all I can say is I won’t be surprised when we start seeing reports of more homes being broken into and vandalized. A robbery being called looting. Thats ok though. Its for solidarity and my way of supporting my fellow man that was ______, fill in the blank with whatever our fellow man fell victim to this week.

Eventually, the reports of it will stop. Our society will have collapsed to the point that life resembles an episode of Walking Dead minus the zombies. Or with the zombies, because there was a virus killing people that could change and turn people into zombies around here somewhere, wasn’t there?

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