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Another Big Announcement! You can purchase products with Crypto!

Times are changing and the ability to adapt is crucial. I feel a major shift is coming and I really don’t want to be left behind. I’ve been investing in crypto myself since October and I have seen incredible returns on very little initial investment.

I got started with Coinbase at the end of October 2020 with a balance of .001 in Bitcoin. I had played a game or something way back in March of 2019 that paid out in crypto and set up a coinbase account way back then, but I didn’t know much about crypto so it just kind of sat there.

To tell you that I now highly recommend that everyone invest at least a little in crypto is a huge understatement. Coinbase has a program that allowed me to earn coins for watching a few short videos about different coins. I earned $40 just doing that. When I started, 1 BTC was worth $13,900. Today, just 4 short months later, it’s worth over $47,000.

A vast majority of the other coins have also substantially increased in value in that time. My $40 portfolio balance on November 4th, 2020 has grown to over $300 with not much effort or any added funds on my part at all. A little bit of coin conversion from different coin types to BTC when the price starts to climb again and then a quick send to my interest bearing BlockFi Account. The coin was growing in value and earning interest at .03 cents then .05 cents a month.

I just this last week took a leap after doing a ton of research on different trading platforms. I’d gotten an invite to join Kraken LTD from a friend but I wasn’t quite convinced and I hadn’t made enough to convert and send yet. Oleg was amazing! I asked a ton of questions, got excited and then pulled back several times when I saw what gas prices were to convert and send coins, but when the time came and I had enough, I funded my account and have gone from earning .03 to .05 cents a month in interest to earning .90 cents a day!

I’m playing on the low end here guys. I’ve been learning about investing for over 2 years now. Terminologies, tactics and techniques, and I’m not a heavy risk taker at all. I am however, able to set money aside and let it build for me though. Since I had the ability to play around a little with money that didn’t have to come out of the already tight household budget, I’ve gained so much in both financial knowledge and financial growth in a very short amount of time.

I’ve never been one to follow crazes, and when I first heard about crypto, I thought that was all it was ever going to be. The latest craze. I’ve been watching and learning though and seeing things happen with my own eyes in my own accounts and I really don’t see this “craze” ending anytime soon. Especially now that some major players like Paypal and others are getting in on it. Check out this list of major companies accepting crypto as payment in 2021!

The list is huge and growing daily, and officially, as of today, you can add Twisted Souls Press, Target Sands Investments, LLC, and Save Your Sanity Publishing Assistance to that list! That’s right, you can now use crypto to purchase services, books, and other merchandise with crypto. The types of crypto are currently limited to 4 of the most well known/best performing, but if you have a particular coin type that isn’t listed, feel free to let me know, I’ll do some research to see if it’s feasible and can add it to the list for you!

If you aren’t on the Cryptocurrency bandwagon to at the very least be earning a little here and there and allowing it to earn interest for you right now, before all of the major players jump in and drive the value up so high that it’s not worth buying in low, you really are missing out.

In full transparency, several of the links included in this post are referral or affiliate links. I will earn referral bonuses for anyone that signs up using the provided links once accounts have been funded with $100 or more. I’ve tested these account fully personally and only provide links to platforms that I actively use myself.

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