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For Fogoyle Fans

Fogoyle Fan Page. You’ve read the books, now enjoy the rest of the show! 

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Fan Messages and Mail

Cathy A. Austin to Christy Mann

January 19, 2017Β·

So I was reading a certain short story and then went to dinner. And walked out to this an hour later. I’m gonna see if I can sleep in the resturant…lol

Alana K. Haase to Christy Mann

 December 25, 2016

Christy, it’s was FOGGY Thursday morning when I drove my daughter in for final’s…. Holy cow. I could not get home fast enough and LOCK MY DOOR! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Cassidy Dimock to Christy Mann

May 5, 2017

I’m not very good at poetry, but I like this anyway….

Written for Christy Mann

The sun burns bright
I can see it from your heart like a light
The light such a sight 
That no one could deny

You are a rarity to see!

The day may come when the world goes dark, but all it would take is a little spark, a smile or a look

To see that you can make the world light up like a fire.
So lets have fun and brighten the world together

Laughing and playing as the world shines from the light within all of us.


Cathy A. Austin to Christy Mann

January 17, 2017

The wall above my writing desk is looking pretty encouraging…the seasons greeting card is from the mmc and mfc of my favorite series….inspiration at its greatest!#!


Katie Diaz

July 20, 2018

My phone didn’t do it justice, but the fog is looking beautiful this morning. Christy Mann, I’ll watch for parrots. πŸ˜‚


​Cliff Duncan to Christy Mann

I followed this truck yesterday and it reminded me of fogoyle.