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Go big or go home!

A Maserati Ghiblis and a weekend at an underwater hotel in Fiji.  Lunches where I show up at random places with a swag basket full of goodies and signed copies of books with $100 bills inside. Paying off random people’s layaway accounts anonymously, giving out college tuition, and making a large monetary donation to a charitable organization 5 years in a row.  *I want to be a billionaire…is playing in the background.*

These are just a few of the things that I want to have accomplished in my lifetime.  They seem pretty big, don’t they? They do to me.  Looking at my situation right now, these things seem like they are so far out of reach it’s almost silly.  Almost.  

Why aren’t they silly? Because if I don’t dream big. If I don’t want the big things that seem out of reach, what the hell am I working for?  If I don’t want better for myself and for those around me, what good am I? If I can’t get there and bring someone with me, what the hell have I done?  If I haven’t done something to help someone else reach their goal, how can I expect to reach mine?  If I haven’t made someone else smile, what good am I? 

I don’t want to live that way.  I don’t want to reach for my dreams and watch those around me struggle to make ends meet.  It breaks my heart to see big things in people’s eyes for a split second and then watch them shut it down because the bills have to be paid.  I don’t want to go up without bringing several someone’s with me.  That’s not me. 

So, I’m going big, or I’m going home.  You are going to see me with that beautiful blue Maserati Ghblis, but you will know that I gave 3 kids a chance to college before I spent a dime on me.  You are going to see me sipping white wine beneath the waves, but you will know that I taught someone else how to make their big dream a reality and they are partying right there with me .  You will see me living the good life, but not before I’ve done my part, to make sure good people have plenty to eat. 

I’m going big, or I’m going home. How can I make a difference for you, so you can party in an underwater hotel with me? 

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