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Introducing Target Sands Investments, LLC

Oh man it’s been a while and I am so very sorry. There has been a lot going on. I’m finally at a point where I can talk about it and not worry about whether or not it’s going to help anyone. It is!

Target Sands Investments, LLC is a company that my other half, Henry, and I registered in August of this year. We are officially a legal and legitimate real estate investment company. We are a little different though. We don’t just invest in real estate. We help people. We buy real estate with the intent and purpose of using the income and or the properties themselves to create programs that serve people. We bring investors in that support helping others and are not just looking for a way to increase their income.

Our first program is called Forward Progress. It’s a 5 year transitional housing program for Sex Offenders in Utah. The goal of the program is to help recently released individuals reacclimate to society and become self-reliant home owners within 5 years. This isn’t just a put them up until they get on their feet program. It’s education and encouragement combined with communication and connection that many coming out of the system need.

What they are getting from anywhere right now is band-aid fixes and temporary solutions that don’t really fix anything. Shelters only keep them from camping out our on lawns at night, food banks keep them from completely starving to death on our sidewalks, and large bonuses paid to companies that will hire them keep them from bothering you at convenience stores asking for your spare change. None of this solves the underlying problems. We are trying to.

Our other programs are not quite as impactful as that one, but they help others all the same. The idea is to figure out where people want to be and utilize our funds, connections, assets, and information to help them get there by doing things that keep them getting out of bed in the morning.

We teach things like real estate and other types of investment for passive income sources. Entrepreneurship for sustainability even in challenging times. Business set up and financial intelligence, fundraising and credit repair, all the way to accountability, responsibility and mental transformation techniques that aid with the dynamic changes that need to occur for individuals to become self-reliant and successful.

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