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Kicking off Weekly Flash Fiction Challenges with Awesome Rewards For Writers!

Every Thursday I will publish a new challenge, and announce the winners of the rewards of the last challenge. Everyone who follows the directions and submits their work on time receives all of the rewards!

Flash Fiction Challenges offer writers invaluable opportunities for growth and development as professional writers. Beyond honing technical skills, these bite-sized storytelling adventures nurture discipline, creativity, and resilience under time and other constraints. By navigating constraints and embracing challenges, writers emerge with tighter narratives and the confidence to tackle more extensive projects.

As you embark on this exciting journey of Flash Fiction Challenges, remember to reserve time within the challenge period for at least a quick spell and grammar check/fix. Development and extensive polishing come after. If, when starting out, it takes the full time allotted to write the story, that’s ok, but use the next challenge to speed up your writing time and use the remaining time for editing.

This final step will elevate your submission, leaving a lasting impression and showcasing your dedication to the craft. So, before you hit that “submit” button, give your story the attention it deserves, and let your creativity shine in all its refined brilliance!

This weeks challenge is called Unleash Your Romantic Imagination.

Get ready to craft a heartwarming tale and infuse it with the colors, scents, and emotions that will captivate your audience. Take in the information required for the challenge and let your brain do the heavy lifting. Here’s a few tips for succeeding with these challenges.

1) Picture your reader sitting with your story in hand as you write. Make their facial expressions change with every paragraph.

2) Start with a conflict or problem and resolve it by the end. Don’t waste time on the challenge with world or character building. Just get the story down.

3) Once you start writing, let the story flow how it does. Don’t fight it.

4) If you don’t complete the challenge in the given time, don’t feel bad. You have a story prompt for another day you didn’t have before. That’s a win! Try to do the next one. These are called Challenges for a reason!

The Challenge

Topic: We invite you to weave a heartfelt story around “A forgotten love letter.” Delve into the magic of love’s words lost in time and create a narrative that will leave your readers yearning for more.

Genre: Romance – Unleash your romantic soul and explore the depths of love, passion, and emotional connections.

Colors: Crimson, silver, and emerald – Let these vibrant hues evoke the myriad emotions and sensations in your readers’ hearts.

Scents: Vanilla and rain – Use the alluring scents to set the mood and transport your readers into the world of your characters.

Obscure Item: A pocket watch – Let this enigmatic item add an element of mystery and significance to your love story.

Word Count Limit: To challenge your storytelling prowess, your masterpiece must not exceed 500 words.

Time Limit: Feel the thrill of racing against time, as you must complete the challenge within 1 hour. Let the ticking clock ignite your creativity!

The Rewards

1. Virtual Trophy or Medal: Participants who successfully complete the challenge will be awarded beautiful virtual trophies or medals. Showcase your achievement on social media profiles or websites for all to admire.

2. Shout-out or Interview: Winners will bask in the limelight with a well-deserved shout-out as an Challenge Overcomer! Your ability to complete a very difficult writing challenge will shine on,, and, reaching a wider audience and propelling your writing journey forward.

3. Customized Feedback: Embrace the opportunity for growth with personalized feedback. I will will provide insights into the strengths of your story and offer constructive suggestions for improvement, and next steps.

4. Social Media Feature: The spotlight awaits the winning authors as their works will be featured on my social media accounts. Your stories will be tagged and promoted as “Must Reads Coming Soon,” captivating readers from every corner.

5. Anthology Publication: The crème de la crème will shine in an anthology. The finest entries will be compiled and published through Twisted Souls Press in 2024 sharing your brilliance with the world. Proper author credits and royalty splits for 5 years will be provided, ensuring your work gets the recognition and you get paid as a writer!

The Selection Process

To make your story eligible for the challenge:

Create your story, incorporating all the challenge elements in your own unique way.

Note the time it took to complete your story. Be honest. We work on the honor system here.

Submit your entry as a comment on this post before 5 pm Mountain Time next Tuesday. (Copy/paste from a document to ensure you always have a copy of your story.

All submissions will be run through a 3rd party plagiarism checker to ensure authenticity and originality.

Copyright Notice

By posting your submission as a comment here, you establish your ownership of the story in it’s posted form based on the date and time stamped on the comment. You agree to it being posted and displayed on our website on this post exclusively.

I will never use your work without your express written permission. The selected submissions going into the anthologies will be done under a contract with Twisted Souls Press. I will have your back if you discover your story is being used elsewhere without your permission. Please note that copyright only protects the story as it is posted. If someone else takes the prompt and creates a story of their own from it, it is not an infringement of any rights you have to your story, unless your story appears within theirs verbatim.

Now, let your heart guide your pen, and may your words stir emotions and ignite the flames of romance in this Flash Fiction Challenge. Are you ready for the journey of a lifetime?

Go! Unleash your romantic imagination and create a love story that will resonate with readers worldwide.

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