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New Marketing Strategy: Just throw money at it!

I experienced some bullshit recently that literally broke my heart and made me really just want to throw in the towel. I haven’t. I’m still going. Still trying and giving it my all, but man. This shit sucks!

So, I’m struggling financially. I don’t have family I can turn to, I owe most of my friends, my credit is shot, and I dont have any “disposable income”. I’ve reduced my living expenses to less than $300/month. Not because I can but because I literally cannot afford anything else. The only luxury in my life right now is brand name, soft, toilet paper, and I’m down to the last roll.

In my attempts to try something that actually works, I started following a couple of guys who touted the fact that they went from nothing to millions in less than a year doing lead generation and running ads for businesses.

Don’t judge and don’t go screaming scam. Both are really lucrative businesses to get into. You really can scale them over time and hit the figures they tout, IF and it is a very big IF, you have money to throw at them.

Literally. These guys wanted to work with me, help me out, and get me where I want to be. I have the gumption, drive, and a lot of the know how already down. They seemed to be impressed by that. I’m just missing this one part. They know what it is but can’t tell me unless I give them $3,000. Then they can tell me everything I need to know.

That told me exactly what I needed to know right there. The new marketing strategy is literally throw money at it. I can almost guarantee you that if I had the $3,000 to give them, I could sum up their entire program with “throw more money at it!”

That alone infuriated me. For $3,000 they should be building the whole damn thing for me. Not waste my time “teaching me tactics and strategies” I already know. This is literally the only part I am missing. Money.

The bottom line literally comes down to it takes money to make money and its the biggest bag of bullshit anyone has ever tried to feed me. Yes, it takes money to do just about anything theses days. Does it take $3,000?

No. They arent making millions running a lead generation business, which is what I was wanting to do. They are making millions charging $3,000 per person for 6 weeks of info dumping to basically say “just spend more money on ads to get more people to send you $3,000.” It reminded me of those free ads on the back of the newspaper that used to say “send me a self- addressed stamped envelope and $1 to get all the details!”

The bullshit part about it is that it works! People give them $3,000 every day! They get a single aha moment because the come across a tactic in the first day of the program that gets them a sale, and now they are all in!

I do not want to do that to people. Like, at all. I’ve been trying to figure out how to market without doing that for a long time now, and now that I have, I don’t have a choice. Its how the world works.

So, here it is. In bullet points. I’m giving it to you without some giant sales pitch or wasting your time with a 6 week course. Just the bottom line. The info that you need to market anything.

* sell off everything you can and not be homeless to come up with $1,000.

* put that $1,000 toward a nice video creating set up and an ad spending budget of at least $70/day.

*create a video touting some significant thing you have figured out that no one else seems to realize and they can only get it from you.

*charge the interested parties $3,000. Tell them that is how you did it (made a video and ran ads) and its just how the world works. Do it or don’t do it. Then move on.

*create a new video, now with a testimonial that the program works, and charge $5,000, for a limited time only, because the cost is going up to $10,000 in a few days.

*or, write a blog post like this one, create a post with a link in it to facebook, then spend that $70/ running ads, and see what happens.

That will be $3,000 please. My PayPal address is

Oh, as an added bonus, I’ll send you a free PDF of a Master Media Set up sheet, complete with its own bonus. A guide on how to make that media sheet a useful tool to 10X your marketing plan!

If you actually take me up on this offer, I’ll include a free signed copy of all of my books as I re-release them! That is an additional $200 value (so far) included! (**Email and mailing address required**)

And just for good measure, I’ll throw in a free coffee mug with my logo on it! My gift to you for being supportive and taking me up on this offer! (**Mailing address required**)

You know you want that coffee mug!!!

That is for real though. The value of that knowledge alone would have saved me countless hours of frustration, homelessness twice, and a lot of the headaches I’ve been dealing with lately. Its totally worth $3,000 and then some.

Keep watching the blog here. I’ll share more tips and tricks about publishing and promoting your work to help you save your own sanity. Mine is already shot!

If you have things like this you have already figured out, share them with the class by dropping them in the comments. I love to hear from you guys!

If you are struggling or having issues with publishing, you can hit me up via email, call me directly, or schedule an appointment on my Save Your Sanity Publishing Assistance business page on Facebook!

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