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BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!! TSP Bookstore is an official Ingram Spark Distributor!

It’s been in progress for a few months now. We’ve kept it under wraps until we were sure it was going to go through and it finally has! We are so excited to bring this big announcement and share the benefits of this with you!

The Twisted Souls Press Bookstore is now an official distribution partner with Ingram Spark!

This means a lot of big things for TSP, but also for a great many authors as well. We decided when we set up Twisted Souls Press that our goals were to help as many authors get published and earn as much of the money as possible themselves but still receive the credibility and other professional benefits that come with having a publisher. Money would come along the way but helping people achieve their writing dreams was the big payoff.

That’s not easy to do when every step in the process takes a chunk. If your ultimate goal is to make as much money from the process as possible, like it is for most publishers, you have to take a larger and larger percentage to cover costs and turn a profit and/or find other ways to earn money. Charging clients a higher percentage is the easiest way to do it

That has never been our ultimate goal at Twisted Souls Press. Make enough to continue to produce books but help as many authors as possible get started, make more money from their hard work, and achieve their goals has always been the primary function of Twisted Souls Press, even if it means operating at a bookkeeping loss. We find other means to make revenue and cover costs if need be, but the bigger chunk of royalty payments always goes to the authors.

From lower royalty percentages per copy to just offering the bookstore as a place to sell books and other related products for the authors who publish with us and supporting the Life On Your Terms Project through anthology and other product sales, it is all designed to ensure that authors benefit the most. We wouldn’t be needed if they didn’t write books. By partnering with Ingram Spark this way, we keep that ultimate goal not just alive, but growing.

This opportunity allows us to expand our title selection to include authors that haven’t published with us directly but that we know work hard to produce professional quality books and can use all the help they can get to be visible in the massive book market.

The additional income from titles sold for books we have not produced adds revenue and visibility for the press, introduces readers to new authors in different genres, and covers costs so we don’t have to take more in royalty payments to stay afloat.

There is a final benefit to this that bears mentioning. It’s really the big one to us. The ability to browse the entire catalog and make selections gives us a direct opportunity to begin to really help modify the “norms” in the industry with things like wholesale discounts, shipping costs, and other behind the scenes costs and practices that are not quite yet indie author friendly. The larger we grow, the more influence over those thing we gain.

So here is to achieving dreams! For us and for you!

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