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Get Out There!

It’s been a long time coming. My desire to get out there and be seen. To make appearances, even and most especially in places I felt I didn’t belong. I’ve allowed me to hold me back because I made assumptions about whether or not the environment will like me or not, and if my presence would benefit them or not. It really kept me from getting out there.

There was also a desire to remain in the shadows, a want to not be seen. Can’t I just put stuff out and not actually show up myself, and still be successful? I’m not one who enjoys getting dressed up every day. I don’t like leaving the house. I have days where I really just don’t want to deal with people, and there are days that I really don’t want people to see me.

I have physical issues I’m self-conscious about. I have habits I’m not proud of, but I’m not ashamed of either. I know people that are going to mock, ridicule, and berate me, and it’s going to happen in a public forum, and no matter how much I say on the outside those things don’t bother me, on the inside, they do to a small degree.

I am going to drop some balls. Things are not always going to go according to plan. There are going to be times that I look like a total and complete screw up, pretending to have it all together.

Sound familiar?

I still think and feel all of those things, constantly. The difference between now, and just a few short weeks ago really, for me is getting out there. When Earl reached out to me again and asked me to get back to doing the shows with him, I was hesitant on the inside but while my head was shaking no, my mouth said “Sure, Let’s Do it!”

You have to just Get Out There! Ask a friend to go live with you on Facebook to talk about anything and everything. After a couple times, record it. The more often you do it, the easier it gets to set all those thoughts and feelings that hold you back aside.

Get Out There!

Oh, and one more thing, remember that the physical sensations of nervousness and excitement are the same, the difference is what you call it.

So, when you get the flip flops in your stomach and feel a bit nauseous, tell yourself you’re excited. When you get sweaty and anxious, tell yourself you are excited. When you open the studio and see yourself on cam, and your stomach sinks, you are excited.

See you soon!

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