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Partner Up with a Different Kind of Publishing Services Company

Twisted Souls Press is not your average book publishing service, aka “Publisher”. We are not genre exclusive as long as it falls under “Dark Fiction”. If you have written a sweet sappy killer clown love triangle romance (someone please submit this story to us), we will take a look at it. Our fees are the lowest in the industry for authors. And our customized marketing plans are built based on our author’s specific goals and needs, not our company’s bottom line.

While we are unique in a lot of ways, the most important way to us is our commitment to and focus on our authors and the goals they want to accomplish as an author.

We are authors who publish books. We know first hand how difficult the journey to success is and how every author’s definition is different. We have found that it is almost never all about the money. It’s more about the other goals they want to achieve. Notoriety and supporting their family is always part of that, but if you take away the need for financial stability, the actual goals each author wants to achieve look completely different and are not money driven at all.

We dig in to find out what those other goals are for each author at the outset. We build a customized plan for their work based on those goals, and walk with them hand in hand to achieve those goals. From providing edits and cover design that produce the the best quality product possible through selecting the appropriate formats and distribution channels that will be the most effective and efficient at achieving those goals.

We finance the majority of those efforts though products and services, not contract funds. We set up the Twisted Souls Press Bookstore and distribution/drop shipping contracts so we can sell additional products (books, movies, video games, etc) to increase the traction and visibility of Twisted Souls Press. The goal being to offset production costs so we can charge less in author contracts but still be profitable.

Most of our staff works on a retainer/per project payment system. A lump sum payment at the start of each quarter allows them to cover their expenses in advance, but stay available to us for work as it comes in. As they are independent contractors or service provider vendors, it also reduces our overhead costs.

Many of our staff, also being authors in their own right, could publish some or all of their books with us and/or sell their books and other products through our bookstore. This brings additional income options to the company and provides additional methods of driving traffic to our store through collective marketing.


We need some partners. We need people that support this kind of publishing service in the industry. We need people that are willing to help ensure there is a more level playing field for authors, they bring home more of what their hard work earns, and are able to achieve the other non-financial goals that are just as important to them. Profitability is part of that, but more of it goes to the author, as it should be.

Funding thus far has been 100% on the back of the founder, and funds and energy are running out. There isn’t enough time or money from one person in the coffers to drive traffic to the website where sales happen and can increase, create new products, establish the distribution contracts and order products, and work on publishing projects as they come in so we can publish new works. We (I) need help.

We want to put the partnership(s) offering to the author crowd before approaching other investors looking to acquire their next business or taking on substantial debt in an attempt to grow the business. We are setting aside what amounts to 23% member ownership (a multi-member partnership) in Twisted Souls Press. (Formation of LLC pending successful fundraising and knowing who we need to list as members at opening.)

A single investment of $1,000 would mean you own .0023%, and are entitled to .0023% of all of the net profits from Twisted Souls Press, every year for the next 5 to 90 years. Its also mostly passive income for you. You don’t have to do anything to earn income from it except attend a meeting at least once a year and share your opinion about what still needs to change in the industry and how we as a collective can start to change it. This is why we really want our investors to also be authors.

The higher your investment (up to $25,000 per individual) the more of that 23% of profits year after year, you get. The ownership in the business is a tangible asset and therefore will be transferable, could be borrowed against, and/or be held on to and passed down as part of your estate.

The total valuation of the investment needed is $100,000 by the end of February 2022. Our predictions are based on funds received in February equating to consistently hitting revenue goals (100 sales per product per month) by the end of June 2022 and carrying forward. The projected best case scenario net value (profit) of Twisted Souls Press over 5 years (minimum term offered) is $1,122,445.45 in 2026. Worst case but still profitable scenario for the same period is still $185,294.13.


The best and worst case scenario ROI’s are very conservative projections. They are based on actual sales achieved with literally $0 advertising/marketing budget to date (just me talking to people and posting on social media about them) and low conversion rates with a $25,000 advertising/marketing budget after we reach our fundraising goals. We also only estimated a minimum of 2 new books published and 2 new items produced a month. The actual goal is 4 of each per month and we assumed a 50% success rate for conservancy. There are an additional 12 products already created but have not sold (online courses and workshops) because they have not been promoted or advertised at all.

The Fine Print

This offer presented here is an investment opportunity in the form of partnered ownership in a publishing company. Risks are always possible despite any proposed mitigations and contingencies. As such, investing in Twisted Souls Press is considered a high risk investment. Various tax and legal impacts, as well as SEC regulations could apply whether the investment is a success or not.

You should always contact your professional tax, legal, and financial advisors for review and advice before deciding to proceed with any financial investment.

You will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement prior to being provided with a full business and financial plan, investment terms, and agreement if you tell us that you are interested in knowing more about this venture.

Contact Us

If you are interested in this partnership opportunity, please contact us. Put “partnership opportunity” in the subject line and we will reach out to you within 48 business hours.

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