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I just moved 1600 miles to Ogden, Utah. What?

Yep. I’m at it again. Life On Your Terms was never meant to be easy, but always interesting. I just drove 1588 miles from Louisiana to Utah, alone. Well, my guinea pig, PIg Pig, was with me. He survived the trip seemingly unaffected.

I know your first question is probably, “why Ogden, Utah?” Well, there are people that I know here and more opportunities to make things work out somehow. Like, a job that I can do and still have time to do the writing thing.

It wasn’t an easy decision to make. It meant leaving my daughter behind in some rather unfavorable circumstances because there was nothing I could do to change them. It meant leaving a place I had started to get used to and comfortable in as well as having to redo all of the stuff I had just done, like transfer my vehicle information and get a new driver’s license, bank account, and library card.

It also meant something else. I’ve had a safety net for support if things got really bad for the past 5 years. This move meant letting that go as well. We couldn’t agree on what the best path forward for me was. When I wasn’t willing to concede to their wishes, because they had been supporting me all these years, they cut me off.

I understand it. Don’t send me hate mail cursing them out for dropping me like a hot potato. It was a joint decision. I wasn’t further along than I am in part because I was reliant on the safety they provided. That was my fault, not theirs and the decision to go cold turkey was mine and mine alone.

I didn’t take risks, chances, or opportunities that I should have because I wasn’t playing with my own funds. I played things safe and still ended up being on the losing end in that situation. It wasn’t a total loss. I still have a great friend that will always have my back in many other ways. It just won’t be financially anymore.

That being said, I’ve got some offers for you guys. I’m very serious about them and I need you guys to be too. I need help. I start a new job on Monday, but payday won’t be until the 5th of July and my current place, until I get solid on my feet, is paid by the week. I’ve got to keep a roof over this little guy’s head somehow.

I managed things well enough to pay for my first week here with what I left Louisiana with. My room is paid for through the 28th. I’ve got food to eat and some gas in the tank to get around the area on until I get paid again. I’m flat broke and have nothing coming in currently to keep my place until payday.

I need to land some paid writing work to pay for my place to stay until payday. Everything else I pretty much have covered or can work out with the people around me locally.

I’m offering some deep discounts on my hourly rate up until the 28th of June, 2019. You can check out the rates currently on my writing services page. Email me with the size of your project and your budget and I’ll let you know what we can work out.

You might want to read through my previous blog post for an explanation of how my editing process is different and more advantageous to you. Then hit me up with an email at with your word count, turn around time needed, and your budget and I’ll work it out with you from there.

I’m also set up to accept donations via paypal if you are so inclined to help me out that way. I don’t want to do loans, because I don’t know how much my paycheck is going to be come the 5th, but for small amounts, I can swing them and get them back to you quickly. The paypal address is You can send payments and donations there directly.

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