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Revamping the Website and Figuring Things Out as I Go

I spent a solid 8 hours working on the website yesterday. Adding pages for Twisted Souls Press and redoing the bookstore products. In the process, I realized a lot of things.

1) There is still a whole lot of work to do.

2) There is a whole section of the site that I have not written anything about.

3) I don’t know that I really have the energy it is going to take to get it all perfect.

4) That’s ok. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Just functional. I can figure out and change things as we go.

One, I can’t really stress about. I cant change the fact that there is still a lot of work to do on it. Its a business website and there is always going to be something that needs to be done. Accept that and get on with it when the time and energy permit. It will be ok.

Two, the For Writers section of the site has some really good stuff in it. Ive not said or written nearly enough about it. Realizing that is only half the battle. I really need to write some posts and tell you guys about it. So, that is my next task, after writing this post.

Three, I realize that perfect isn’t realistic. Really, its not even possible. So, it takes me back to one. Dont stress. Do what you can when you can and let that be enough. The key is actually doing something when you can to avoid the paralyzing guilt that comes when I could have but didn’t.

And finally, four. Figure things out and change them as I go. Don’t sweat and stress about things not being perfect. You can always fix or modify them as I come across them.

I have a bad habit of sitting on things until I’ve worked out all of the bugs so that when people actually use them, I dont look like a cool.

It runs me ragged trying to anticipate problems and fix them before anyone else runs into them. That is one of my biggest fears. Someone experiencing a problem I wasn’t aware of. It would be the end of the world.

The reality of that is, its happened before. The current status of the world due to covid-19 aside, a problem with my website has nothing to do with it, and the world has not otherwise ended.

So, it is my hope that this information can be applied to any situation, and it will help people realistically assess the situation, and be less stressed, even on the inside.

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