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Twisted Souls Press Charity Anthology Project

My publishing company, Twisted Souls Press, is currently accepting short stories of 1,000-5,000 words with a theme of “the unknown” submissions.

It isnt the virus that the majority of us are struggling with. It is the unknown. Its all around us and in so many forms its hard to really nail down and talk about.

That is what this anthology is all about. Its being written as a kind of ssurvival guide from our civilization to the next one about what is really taking us out. We want the stories to be horror based, but if you can keep the identity of “the thing” be it creature, monster, or whatever, hidden, it will fit in well and will likely end up in the book.

You can send completed stories (grammar and spell checked already) as a word document attached to an email to

Include a short author bio, summary of the story, and author pic in the body of the email. We will get to it and let authors of accepted stories know within 2 weeks. We will not be sending out rejection letters. If you dont hear from us within 2 weeks, the story was not accepted.

We are workong to get the stories in and the book published quickly. The proceeds will be put into gift cards and vouchers to be given to people helping others in big ways.

Gas cards and grocery store gift cards will be given to people we know that are going out of their way to help others. Doing thing like running errands for their elderly neighbors, making facemasks for hospitals, and things of that nature.

The intent is to encourage and assist the spread of kindness and being helpful instead of fear and animosity for our fellow human beings. We need that more than anything right now.

We are also requesting and accepting donations for the cause right now, even before the book is released. You can send financial donations and recommend people that are helping other people to survive and get by these days to 

We will begin connecting with the people being recommended immediately and work with them to determine the best line of assistance we can provide. This will ensure that people get what they need to be able to keep helping others.

Even if you can’t donate or dont have a story to submit, you can help. Compassion, consideration, and genuine helpfulness are what will be forgotten in the dark days ahead.

That will be what causes us to fall apart as a society. It won’t be the virus at all but how selfish and single minded we become about our own survival. We really can’t and wont make it without each other. Do what you can to not only remember that, but exercise it.

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