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The Unknown Anthology Deadline Update

Submissions for the anthology have been coming in but there is still room for a few more stories if you want to submit. The deadline for submission is April 14th at 11:59pm Mountain Time.

The anthology details can be found here and submission guidelines can be found right here. Shoot me a message if you have questions or comments at Just drop “anthology questions” in the subject line and I’ll answer them as quickly as I can.

Contracts for the the stories will go out on the 16th for stories that have been selected.

Donations for the Life On Your Terms charity are being accepted prior to the book’s release and can be sent to via Paypal. It’s hoped that funds will start coming in and we can start purchasing gift cards and sending them out immediately. Book sales won’t begin until May 20th and we know a lot of people can’t wait that long to replenish supplies.

To reiterate, the charity normally provides tools and assistance to artists exclusively who are working toward doing what they love and creating their art for a living. Since things have taken a turn with the pandemic, LOYT has shifted gears and is looking to assist individuals going out of their way to help others in these uncertain times.

Gift cards in increments of $50-$100 will be purchased and sent to individuals that we know are being kind and helpful to others in big ways (ie, making safety and cleaning products for those who need them, doing grocery and supply runs for those who can’t go out right now). It isn’t enough. We know we won’t be able to support everyone that is going above and beyond to help others right now, but it’s something that we can do.

The idea is to encourage and support kindness and helpfulness to others in creative ways during a time that we are forced to avoid each other. Social distancing, while necessary to prevent the spread of a deadly disease, doesn’t have to mean resorting solely to self-preservation. While it may feel like it right now, not any one of us is alone in this. It’s affecting everyone.

Everyone can use help with something right now. If we care, we figure out what that something is, and find a way to help with it. That is what we are trying to do. Sales from the anthology will help a lot, but not soon enough. People are running out of supplies and need help now. Help us help them out!

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